ScreenConnect on Mac’s

Some LabTech users do not use the ScreenConnect plugin for various reasons. If you are one of these people and need a way to deploy ScreenConnect to MAC’s these three scripts should help you out.

All of these scripts are function scripts. I call these scripts from my main install/uninstall scripts.

You will also need to modify each script to update your ScreenConnect GUID EDF.

ScreenConnect Mac Deployment

To setup this script you will need to set a value for the SCURL variable on the ‘globals and parameters’ tab.


This will be the download URL for your Mac installer. I then use LabTech replacement variables to fill out the agent specific information and any custom fields you use. Depending on your ScreenConnect setup and needs these may be different.

This script will:

  • Download and install the Mac agent on the machine
  • Start the service
  • Resend software
  • Call the ‘ScreenConnect Mac Get GUID’ script


ScreenConnect Mac Get GUID

This script will:

  • Gather the ScreenConnect GUID
  • Save the GUID to an EDF


ScreenConnect Mac Uninstall

This script will:

  • Uninstall ScreenConnect
  • Clear the GUID EDF
  • Resend software





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